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Ambermist posted this challenge: August Challenge: I’m a Collector and rightly pointed out that it would probably be the best way to start off my new blog.

Now, I’ve never really considered myself much of a packrat, but I have to be honest. If there was a WoW version of Hoarders, I would probably be one of the first people featured. As you may notice from my Character page, I like to collect things. In the case of WoW, it seems to be hunters and paladins. And armor sets, and crafting materials, and random epics that are just too shiny for me to throw away…

(Blizzard, y u no gief me more Void Storage?)

I currently have not one, not two, but three full guild banks – one with six slots, and two with four, crammed with everything from ore to flowers to random greens and blues that I might, someday, in the near distant future, use for an alt. Of course, having every full set of heirloom, several of the trinkets, and all of the weapons makes most of these  blues and greens, well… pointless. But still I hang on to them, JUST IN CASE. I spend  a lot of time justifying my acquisitions to myself with those three words.

And, hey, it’s not just those pretty purple robes with gold trim or shiny swords that I collect, either.

Ainyan is currently sitting on 187 pets and 117 mounts – and I have been frantically trying to collect the last non-TCG/CE/Expo pet in the game that I am lacking – the Crawling Claw. I love my pets. I adore my pets. I have several addons dedicated to my absolute delight in pet collecting. The most exciting thing in MoP for me? Is it LFR and the new loot system? Nah. Another slot for another alt? Well… sweet, but… PET BATTLES. Hundreds of pets out there for me to snag up and cuddle and luuuuff on! Now, to hope that Pokedex is fixed to work with 5.0.4 so that I can have my random pets.

And it’s not just WoW, either. My SWTOR banks were full to the brim with things I probably never had any use for. I cringe every time I have to sell or salvage a magic or rare item in Diablo 3 – and I have three bank characters with inventories full of things I will probably neither use nor sell. Skyrim is littered with chests where I have stashed items in order to, well, stash items – and I’m not even sure where half of them are. Any game I play, the minute I pick up something that might possibly have a use, into storage it goes.

What’s that? A grey rock? Surely there must be some use for it! I will put it over here!

Someday, someone is going to come up with a game that is all about collecting things, and it will become my new obsession.

Oh, right. I already play Pokemon.

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